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Welcome to War!
Mankind’s only hope for survival lies in merciless warfare. Prove your piloting and combat skills in dangerous space battles against mankind’s gravest foe: the Shar’dal. Annihilate them using fast reflexes as well as state-of-the-art space fighters, equipped with the best weapons you can find.

Choose between three fighter ships with different playstyles and upgrade possibilities and jump into the fray!
Crush other players!
Not all mercenaries have to be allies. On the contrary - you can profit from the other players by raiding their frigates and stealing their resources. Gain reputation as the most ruthless and cunning mercenary in the service of G.O.R.E.

However, you have to protect yourself from the attacks of other mercenaries - secure your business by upgrading your capital ship and installing powerful defense mechanisms.
Explore new worlds!
Earth is at the brink of ruin. Mankind, however, under the leadership of the Global Organisation for the Restoration of Earth, has found a path to the stars - and G.O.R.E. is hell-bent on claiming everything in its wake.

You have enlisted in the Organisation’s services as a mercenary in order to explore and conquer the Menr’akim star system 3000 light years away from Earth. Unveil the history of the Menr’aki and Shar’dal aliens, and discover G.O.R.E.’s true agenda in this sector.